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The symbol for the Audi logo is the four ceiling rings representing the four original manufacturers of the Auto Union. The Audi emblem signifies association of the Audi brand with others: DKW, Horch and Wanderer. The first ring from the left side symbolizes Audi; the next ring represents DKW; Horch is represented by the third ring and the fourth ring signifies Wanderer. The similarity of the Audi logo to the official Olympic logo led World Olympic Committee to legally pursue Audi in the World Trademark Court. However, World Olympic Committee lost the case and Audi kept its official logo.

The four rings that make up the official Audi logo symbolizes the four oldest automobile manufacturing companies in Germany that came together to create the new company in 1932. Prior to this, the motor vehicle manufacturers operated independently from one another. The companies Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer became the principal foundation pillars for the modern automobile firm of AUDI AG.

The logo was changed lately in 2009 in order to celebrate the 100th birthday of Audi. Certain minimal changes were made in the size, print, color and the common appearance of the logo. The logo is designed to sign the motto “Vorsprung durch Technik”, which actually means “Progress through Technologies”. The new logo makes use of a font that is more standardized and appears simple yet modern. Such a tweak in the appearance of the logo is meant to communicate a message from the makers of Audi cars to all the employees and customers about rendering more advanced, innovative and creative designs. Implemented in 2009, the new logo is considered to symbolize the whole car company and it also further reinforces its historic bond with the Audi’s customers.

The logo of the Audi company includes four 3 dimensional overlapping rings which nowadays look more sharp-cut and precise with the effective use of polished chromium look. Apart from signifying the merging of the four automobile companies Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, it also represents strength and security. The logo is considered to be a symbol of power and protection, depicting the historic 1932 merging of Audi along with the three other noted car manufacturers. This new look of the Audi logo that was created in 2009 expresses the relentless and earnest efforts of the auto manufacturer to strengthen the ties with the clients as well as increase the loyalty, efficiency and ultimate superiority of the car brand.

The new Audi symbol has a darker coloration which gives it a highly defined, prominent and shiny look. The shade of aluminum in the rings perfectly portrays slight design and innovative power. The bottom competency of Audi certainly places the brand apart from all others. The bright and sleek look of the new logo adds a distinct touch of sophistication to the cars. The new font used in the logo gives an impression of high efficiency. It also provides with a sleek and innovative feel, which certainly goes well with Audi’s new design principles and technologies.