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Common Website Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Common Website Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Web designing not only helps to determine the aesthetic elements of your website but it also has a major role to play when it comes to making your website convenient and user friendly. Due to this reason, you should put special emphasis on the process of web designing and steer clear from the various common website design mistakes that might undermine the value of your website. In order to avoid these mistakes, you must first learn about them and know how they might affect your business. Poorly designed website can affect your online ranking and also discourage people from visiting your site again and again.

Here are some common web design mistakes that you should stay away from.

responsive designing

Not Creating a Responsively Designed Website

In today’s world most people tend to browse the internet in their smartphones and tablets. Therefore it is necessary that you design your website responsively to provide your site visitors with a seamless browsing experience. Not having a responsively designed website can also lead Google to penalize your website. This can greatly affect your SEO rankings and give your business a bad press. A responsively designed website can not only help you to generate more leads but it can also help you to enjoy greater number of sales conversions.

coding error

Using a commonly available Free Website Builder

While developing and designing a website, it is understandable that you may have budget concerns in your mind. However, if you simply choose to use a common free website builder app that is randomly available on different sites, you might actually end up with a poor quality website at the end of the day. Many of these random website building apps add numerous lines to the back end codes of the website which in turn leads to slow loading time. This can eventually lead to countless errors and major performance issues in time.

Website loading time

Poor Loading Time

When a visitor clicks on your website, it is important that your site loads as quickly as possible. Ideally a site should load completely in less than 4 seconds. However, most of the sites surveyed by Google have shown that they have a loading time more than 7 seconds. Make sure that your site is not filled with too much of large files as that can eventually end up increasing the loading time. Slow websites can be quite irritating to site visitors and this can eventually lead them to avoid visiting your site in the long run.

Not Making Proper Use of Design Elements

Many websites tend to make too much use of design elements and this eventually makes the website really loud and gaudy. Then there are others who simply go in the other direction to make their websites look as minimalistic as possible. However, in doing so they tend to make their websites look completely drab and plain. It is important to maintain a balance at all times and make the most effective use of the design elements so that the visitors respond positively to the design of your website.

Choosing fonts

Choosing Fonts Without Much Care

The fonts that you choose for your website can create a positive impact in the minds of your site visitors or simply discourage them from using your site ever again. Therefore make sure that the fonts that you choose for your site are beautiful and express the message of your business properly.

color palette

Improper use of Colors

While some colors are considered soothing for a website, there are others that can seem to be loud and disturbing for your visitors. Make sure that you choose a good color combination for your site that is appealing to the eyes.