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One Team, One Mission

Our mission extends far beyond simply working on different files. Each and every day we hope to change the lives of our clients through our creative efforts.

Welcome to Creative Polo! We’re a digital agency that specializes in Website design (small, big and ecommerce), Business branding, Graphic design, Digital Marketing and much, much more. Our whole mission is to help you in diverse ways to make your enterprise look great. This is something that we can achieve with the help of custom services that’s fast, affordable, and hassle-free.

We are good at…

If you are seeking for Web Design, SEO/Internet Marketing, Branding, Graphic work for your enterprise, we can have your back easily covered. We have done a wide range of designing  & Development work in the past, from websites (WordPress, Custom PHP, Woocommerce, eCommerce etc.), SEO/Google Ranking, Graphic, Branding work. You can ask us for all kinds of digital services and we can provide that to you along with unlimited revisions, flat and low fees.

Some of the Most Frequent Requests

We can do all types of Web Design and Marketing work here at Creative Polo, so in case you don’t find what you are looking for in the list below, do not fret as we can do it for you. No matter the type of design, development and marketing work that you need, we can have it perfectly covered.


Landing Pages
Digital Marketing/SEO
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing


Business Branding
Business Cards
Email signatures
PowerPoint Templates
Corporate Folders

And Something else

Banners / Flyers/ Posters
Social Media Graphics
and much, much more.

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Our work speaks a thousand words…

If you have a plan; we have the solution! We have multiple groups within our extensive team that specializes in different aspects of design,development and marketing. Therefore, you can always rely on us to deliver you absolutely top notch work at all times. You do not have to take our word for it. Our work speaks louder than a thousand words. Check some of our recent work below to have an idea of what our team can do for you.

Why We Rock?

We’ve been assisting many small businesses and agencies with their goals, and it really feels awesome when our clients love our work and efforts. We are always open to feedback and comments from our clients and even today it feels great to have emails where we find our work is appreciated.

geil consulting

Sam Geil

Owner – “Geil Consulting, LLC.”

In 2019, I decided to redesign my website and give it a fresh new contemporary look. Creative Polo was referred to me by a client who used them and was super happy with their work. My experience was no different. Creative Polo was cost effective, thorough, very responsive and met all the timelines. I would highly recommend.

Erin Bradley McAleer

Owner – “Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer”

Creative Polo has been highly responsive to our needs and returns our emails promptly with any questions that we have had. We are very happy with the results we have received and Creative Polo has clearly been a factor in our success as a small law firm. We intend to continue working with Creative Polo for all of our web development and SEO needs in the future and highly recommend them.

Got big Dreams? Don’t let small budgets stop you.

Our client is always on the winning side, with fixed price & UNLIMITED revisions, it can’t go wrong.

Our prices are simply awesome and come with the advantage of a half N half process. That is; you pay 50% upfront and the remaining on being satisfied after we deliver your project. No worries! We will work relentlessly revising it until you say YES.

Websites & Digital

  • Website Design From
  • E-commerce From
  • Landing Page From
  • Social Media Page From
  • Digital Marketing From

Logos & Branding

  • Logo Design From
  • Business Cards From
  • Full Branding From
  • Business Cards + Stationery From
  • Corporate Folder From

Graphic & Advertising

  • Banner & Flyer From
  • Brochure From
  • Book/Magazine Cover From
  • Postcards From
  • Poster From

Together We Win!

You are welcome to outsource your requirements to us. With our help, you can transform your weak points into strengths. You also have the added advantage of obtaining more clients without wrecking your business budget. Apart from big and small businesses we also have agencies that outsource their work to us on a regular basis for the following reasons:-

  • Top notch quality.
  • Fixed pricing with unlimited revisions.
  • Cost & time effective delivery.
  • Single point of interaction.
  • Non-disclosure commitment.

We Have Existing Partnerships In The Following Industries


Business Consultants


Business Trainers

Advertisement Agencies


Marketing Companies

Video Production Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

1. What kind of design and marketing work can you perform?

We can carry out literally all forms of Website designing (big, small and ecommerce), Graphic design, Business branding, Digital Marketing in fact any kind of design tasks that you can think of, or would want us to take care of.

2. How can I submit my work as I get started collaborating with Creative Polo?

It’s quite simple!! You can simply email us all your requirements and also make 50% payment by going to the “Make A Payment” page here at our website.
In case you want to discuss something with us prior to placing an order, you can send an email to us at hello@creativeplo.com and we will respond to it ASAP.

3. What type of details will I have to provide for getting my work done?

It actually depends mainly on the type of work that you are looking for. Generally we ask for the following common details:

  • Sizes and Formats
  • Preferred design styles and colors
  • Other works that you might like, i.e. inspirations.
  • The platform for which the design is meant, i.e. print or web
4. Does all projects come with a specific Project Manager?

Yes. Each and every design package that we offer is accompanied by a dedicated project manager. Our project managers are quite friendly and courteous and they are thoroughly well versed in all things related to design.

At Creative Polo, we do not make use of phone trees. Your Project Manager is going to be your main point of contact in case you have any questions, whether big or small.

5. How long can it take until I get all my designs?

We can submit the initial or basic design concept based on the type of work that you want.

  1. For Websites, it may take about 7 to 10 days.
  2. For Logos and any kind of graphic work, it may take about 3 to 5 days.
6. I’m not totally satisfied with the work.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the work, there is nothing to fret as we have you totally covered. All you need to do is just tell us the areas that you want reworked and we can carry out the necessary changes according to your needs. Our price packages already include unlimited revisions – therefore we can keep redoing your design work as long as you are 100% happy with our efforts.

7. Is it possible for me to become a Business partner or reseller?

Sure! Till date Creative Polo has got about 7 Business partners from various corners of the World. Other than the small and big agencies, a lot of our clients also have started new business ventures backed by the services that we provide.

2. Websites

1. Is coding also included in your website packages?

Yes! Our prices include designing, coding as well as integration with your hosting platform or server.

2. Do you Design & Develop E-commerce sites?

Sure. Small or big, we can create any kind of E-commerce sites.

3. What kind of content management system (CMS) is used at Creative Polo?

At Creative Polo, we always use WordPress as the CMS of choice.

However, if you want us to create your files with HTML or prefer to get your work done with any other CMS, you can tell us that and we would be happy to help you with that as well.

4. Isn’t WordPress just a blogging platform?

Although WordPress was initially launched as a blogging platform during early 2000, over the years it has evolved into a major enterprise solution that can be used and updated easily.

WordPress is used extensively for websites. Most leading companies, such as the NY Times, Forbes, UPS and Creative Polo makes use of WordPress.

5. Do you work with WordPress only?

No. At Creative Polo, we work with other platforms as well, such as Custom PHP.

3. Branding and Design

1. In what file formats will I get my designs?

We want you to be able to actually use your designs, so we’ll give you your design files in everything you need, including..

  1. Raw Vector (EPS)
  2. TIF
  3. JPG
  4. PNG
  5. PDF

If you need it in another format not listed above, we’re glad to help. Just ask.

2. How do you perform revisions?

We generally start off by presenting the client with multiple design concepts. Our design process is quite iterative and collaborative. Therefore when we provide you with the initial designs, we will ask you for your feedback so that we can make the whole design even better.

Our clients typically ask us to change the colors, layout and fonts. Sometimes, they also ask us to merge the top section of one design concept along with the bottom section of another.

Whether the nature of the revision is big or small, we can keep on revising your design as long as it is absolutely perfect and you are totally satisfied with it.

3. Who owns copyright for all the final designs?

You own the copyright for all the final designs, simple as that.

4. Where does Creative Polo stand when it comes to originality of work?

All kinds of work that we do are 100% original.

4. Payment

1. When do I need to pay for all my designs here at Creative Polo?

When you appoint us for a particular job, you need to visit our “Make A Payment” page and make a payment of 50% of project value in order for us to get started. The remaining 50% upon completion to your satisfaction.

2. What payment methods are accepted at Creative Polo?

We do accept PayPal as well as all major credit and debit cards, such Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

3. In what currency should the payment be made?

In US$ please.

5. Privacy

What’s the privacy policy at Creative Polo?

According to our Privacy Policy, we do not sell or share any of your private information to some third party or agency without having your explicit permission. To put it in simple words, we will never do anything or take any step that you would not want us to do.

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