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Branding and Graphic Designing

How do some brands stand out so easily when others take years to get the same kind of attention? It’s through intelligent branding, and that’s what we do at Creative Polo. Together with branding and graphic designs, we communicate with the audience the ideas that make your business unique and interesting.

Our branding efforts are always focused on promoting brand recognition and doing it the right way so that your brand enjoys commendable visibility quickly and for long.

How We Do Branding at Creative Polo?

Here is how we do branding at Creative Polo. Through a colossal team of talented branding specialists, we take any brand and catapult it to limelight through strategic branding.

• Every brand that has ever been popular has two distinct elements, a heart and a soul. We help brands of startups and big companies declare what they stand for or behind to the world.
• For nascent brands, we promote and for older brands we refresh and relaunch.
• We cover all big and small aspects of a brand starting with the look and feel, it’s logo and every other creative element.
• At Creative Polo our ultimate aim is to bolster the identity of a brand and build an authentic representation of it consistent with its visions and values, on both digital and real fronts.
• For successful branding, we look into logo designs, website designs as well as marketing collaterals to bring about a 360 degree outcome.
This is where the second part of our service fits in- graphic designing. To put your brand and your business front and center, we need to include graphic designing into branding.

What We Do in Branding & Graphic Designing?

Branding is a big part of graphic design and so to supporting it, we do all kinds of graphic designing required for the purpose. As of now, we do:
• Logo design
• Business Card
• Email Signature
• PowerPoint Templates
• Corporate Folder
• Brochures
• Banners/Flyers/Posters
• Social Media Graphics
• E-book Cover
• And much, much more.

What makes our graphic designs worth the penny, you might think. Our designs are creative and unique and they achieve the following:

• Our graphic designs are created to make a lasting impression.
• They feature the right combinations of colors, shapes and text that catch attention very easily.
• They make the most perfect representation of your brand.
• They not only promote your brand, they also define it visually.
• Our graphic designs hit the spot with all the basic and advanced requirements of branding.
• Last but not the least all our designs come with a fixed fees and unlimited revisions.